SEO and Website Promotion


If you have a website and wish to promote it, or at least that this one to appear (as high as possible) in the Google search for certain keywords, I can optimize the pages of your website (to be ready for being indexed by the search engines), and I can submit it to web directories (see also collaboration terms).


Google, Yahoo and Bing


This promotion is accompanied by a verifiable and detailed report, at the end of it.

You can see here a few sites fully indexed by Google: (625 pages ...and counting) (14 pages) (824 pages) (15 pages) (511 pages) (82 pages) (279 pages) (20 pages) (14 pages) (202 pages) (234 pages) (1020 pages) (1700 pages) 


If necessary, I can optimize the pages of your website from the viewpoint of their sizes, emininating (if necessary) the extra useless source code (that from the pages generated by using Microsoft Word or FrontPage), this way reducing their loading time.

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