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Web design or webdesign means the creation of websites, from the moment of designing the structure and the graphical interface, up to finalizing the programming and the entry of the data -images, text, files, and other elements- that represent the contents of the website.(Wikipedia)

I design / create / execute websites with or without "client's material" (text, images, video and audio sequences) - using PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Flash. Although below are mentioned options and functions for certain types of websites, these ones can be combined in any way for a website, depending on your requirements, due to the modular style in which the design is made.

Here are a few usual website variants:

Virtual communities

Options and functions (may be chosen in any combination):
  • publishing articles specific to the site, ordered by sections and categories;
  • possibility of commenting the articles by members and/or visitors;
  • option to vote or presenting the users' preferences in a graphical manner;
  • forum with complex options and functions;
  • the possibility of grouping the users in various categories: users / editors / administrators;
  • users need a single account in order to be able to access all the site sections;
  • personalized blogs for the users, or only for specific categories of users;
  • newsletter;
  • spam and email harvesting protection (CAPTCHA);
  • option that certain categories of users to access certain sections of the website by payment.
Products / Categories:
  • the difference between a virtual store and a product catalog is the shopping cart (i.e. its functions) and the options of payment and shipping;
  • unlimited products and categories;
  • a product may be added to several categories;
  • the possibility of selling downloadable products (software, music, movies, e-books etc);
  • more images for the same product (for instance, seen from different angles), or presentation files and technical documents;
  • product attributes, where necessary: quality, color, size, weight etc, with the proper price variations;
  • price cut-off for certain products and promotions;
  • control of the products' stock (those that are bought are subtracted from the initial stock);
  • products again on stock announcement for the customers, after the product was out of stock;
  • prices adjustable depending on the quantity.
Customer groups / Customer management / Shipping and payment
  • customers may be groups by categories (for instance regular customers, distributors, wholesalers), each category supporting separate tax or price-cut; a user / customer, depending on the category in which he takes part, sees the prices destined to him;
  • customers may choose the payment method (pay on delivery, electronic payment***);
  • each customer has an order history, he can add several alternative delivery addresses, from which he may choose at every order;
  • at each order made, the store admin is sent the order details via email;
  • it is possible that several people to administer the store at the same time, without disturbing each other;
  • the store may be displayed in several languages, each user seeing the pages in the language he chooses;
  • the shipping prices can be calculated automatically, depending on the country and zone the customer are living;
  • several tax types supported, depending on the types of the products.
*** for the electronic payment is necessary the security certificate to be installed on the server, which encrypt the credit card data the customers may provide, so as that data cannot be intercepted. The store may support 2Checkout, PayPal (IPN), Payflow Pro,, eCheck, eProcessingNetwork, eWay, NoChex, Paymate, PayMeNow, and others.

Website directories

  • support for submitting addresses of websites and/or companies, in various categories, by fields of activity, by payment or not;
  • the website directory may be a website itself, or it may be a part of another type of website described above.

Personal websites

  • article publishing, organized by topics;
  • blog;
  • visitors' comments to the articles;
  • photo galleries with graphical effects;
  • portfolio;
  • contact form with antispam and antiharvesting protection;
  • administrator interface;

Other options

the possibility to display:
  • currencies;
  • calculator, in case it's necessary to calculate prices in another currency;
  • weather forecast;
  • date and time (analog clock etc.);
  • calendar for specific activities or events;

After designing the website, it needs to be indexed in the major search engines (Google, Yahoo!Search, and MSN). Also, the website promotion is recommended, by creating quality weblinks in the specialized websites, according to the topic of your website. Before these procedures, the SEO optimization of the website is necessary, by setting the appropriate descriptions, keywords and other meta tags, on each page.

You should have a web domain (.com, .org, .net, .eu, .us etc.) and quality webhosting. These two elements are a must before beginning the website design and publishing. I can counsel my customers in order to buy a domain and quality hosting.

After making the website, I can also administer it, based on a contract.

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